About Mitzi Skiff

The Mitzi Skiff line of boats started years ago, when Tom Mitzlaff couldn’t find the particular boat he wanted. The idea was simple. It needed to have a clean layout for fly-fishing, a shallow draft, and remain quiet yet still be inexpensive to own and operate. So Tom, being the resourceful person he is, ended up designing his own line of skiffs, and the Mitzi Skiff was born. As the Mitzi Skiff boat company moves into a new era, we are guided by those very same principles. We build all composite, wide shallow water skiffs from 15 to 17 feet for the shallow water enthusiasts that the rest of us can afford.  The competition is hating us to the point they are copying us. We continue to improve and innovate while still Keeping It Simple! Thank you for visiting us today, as Mitzi Skiff grows; we welcome any comments or suggestions about how to improve the Mitzi Skiffs.

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Brad Grubbs
Custom Fiberglass Products, inc.